Before you begin: What is an Engage Pro Admin account?

Learn what an Engage Pro admin account is and how it differs from a Class Teacher account

Whoever registered for your initial Engage Pro trial will have automatically been assigned as the Engage Pro Admin account for your school. If you are unsure of who your school's Engage Admin account is, please contact to view or update.

Please note, there can only be one account at a time which is the Engage Pro Admin for your school. Any other account will just be a regular registered Class Teacher account. The Engage Pro Admin acts a coordinator for your school's Engage management. Please see the responsibilities and differences between an Engage Pro Admin and a Class Teacher account below:

An Engage Pro admin account:

  • Invites other teachers to register
  • Creates the class group folders and assigns teachers to them
  • Uploads & registers pupils to class folders
  • Can also be assigned to classes & have the responsibilities of a class teacher account, too

A Class Teacher account:
  • For classes they are assigned to only, they can upload & register pupils
  • For these classes, they can also manage settings such as toggling debates or typed responses on/off; creating custom lesson plans; and marking typed responses
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How to update your school's Engage Pro Admin:
  1. Log in to Engage Pro using the account associated with the Engage Pro Admin account for your school
  2. Click the School Management button
  3. Using the dropdown menu, select the Class Teacher you want to be the new Engage Pro Admin
  4. Click Save

Please note: The teacher you wish to make your new Engage Pro Admin must first be registered to the school's Engage Pro account.